Dr.Simeons “Pound and Inches” is a book which talks about using HCG to lose weight safely. Dr. Simeons HCG diet protocol emphasizes that the HCG treatment should always be carried out by a physician as only professional medical personnel can appropriately understand the particular warning signs that might come up throughout treatment.
Dr.Simeons had found an interesting characteristic of his HCG weight loss method, which is the largest circumference of a patient, is reduced constantly at the rate of 1cm/kg of weight loss; this clear cut relationship is not seen in patients losing weight through dieting only.

Dr.Simeons emphasized that though his HCG treatment plus low calorie diet can be effective for treating obesity, it is definitely NOT a simple method. It involves an incredibly complicated bodily mechanism. Each patient must be handled individually by physician and the whole treatment process is time consuming. Patient must always work closely with their physician as well as follow very strictly to the all technique and guidelines.

According to Dr.Simeons, the duration of treatment may vary depend on the amount of pounds needed to be shed off. If the weight that a patient needs to lose is about 15 lbs or less, a total of 26 days of treatment is required with 23 daily HCG injections. Patient has to continue the 500 calorie diet for another 3 days after the treatment is stopped so that the HCG can be totally removed from the body system. Provided a patient need to shed more than 15 lbs, the duration of the treatment will then be longer. However, the treatment will be stopped after 40 injections or 34 lbs have been shed. The purpose of restricting a single course of treatment to 40 injections is because patients may start to exhibit symptoms of HCG immunity by then and HCG treatment will not be effective.
In cases where a patient needs to lose more than 34 lbs, he must then undergo several courses of treatment. However, there must be an interval of about 6 weeks or more before the second course starts. This is because it will take about that long for the HCG immunity to lose. For further courses, the interval in between should be even longer.

HCG 500 Calorie Diet Menu

The original HCG 500 calorie diet by Dr. Simeons is a very strict diet. Patients can only eat foods that are listed and no changes are permitted. Food items that are not in the food list are totally not allowed. All meat has to be precisely weighed raw after removing all fat. During the HCG treatment, patients are totally not allowed to use cosmetics and medicines. This is because the fats from creams, lotions, ointments, etc. will be absorbed into the skin and obstructs the weight loss by HCG. However, lipstick, powder and eyebrow pencil are allowed.

For BREAKFAST, unlimited amount of unsweetened tea or coffee is allowed. Artificial sweetener such as Stevia may be used. Only 1 tablespoon of milk is permitted in 24 hours.
For LUNCH, only 100 grams (3.5oz) of meat, one veggie, one breadstick (grissino) or Melba toast and a fruit is allowed.

For DINNER, the menu is same as lunch. If patients feel that these little foods are too much to finish, they can leave out whatever they don’t want to have. Patients can also break up the two meals. For example, they can serve the toast and fruit for breakfast instead of lunch. Patients can always keep some foods such as fruit or breadstick for snacks, but they can never have more than four items listed at a meal time. However, they can never save an item for the next day.
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