If you have been trying to find a way to lose extra pounds, you might have heard about lots of weight loss aidsor products, one of them might be the HCG diet drops.
HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a type of hormone which presents in a woman when she is pregnant. This hormone is produced by placenta and can normally be detected via urine test two weeks after conception to detect pregnancy. One of its functions is to nourish and protect the foetus by using the reserved body fats and converting to nutrition for the placenta. Based on this phenomenon, it is believed that HCG can help obese peoples to lose weight as it could help burning stored fats and convert into energy.
HCG diet drops are preparing by heavily diluting the natural HCG hormone. These products are believed to be able to help burning the stubborn fat into energy for a person’s body to use when he is starving. Therefore, people who are using HCG drops are always required to adhere to a very low calories diet in order to have significant weight loss in short period, which is about one or more pounds daily.

HCG: Three Phases

There are three phases involve in this very low calories diet. During phase 1, a person will start having the HCG treatment, but he can eat as much as he can for two days to build up the body fats reserves. The other purpose of this phase is also to allow the HCG to circulate in the body. From the third day onwards, phase 2 starts. This phase will involve a very low calorie diet where a person cannot have more than 500 calories a day. This phase will continue until the targeted weight is achieved. During phase 3, a person will stop taking the HCG drops but still on diet for extra two days to let the hormone leaving the body. Thereafter, all treatment will stop and a person can increase his daily intake to 1500 calories but still needs to avoid having sugars as well as starches for about three weeks.

Although these diet aids have been highly promoted by marketers as effective and safe for weight loss, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had announced them as illegal and fraudulent as well as prohibited the sale of these products on December 6, 2011.FDA has never approved any HCG productsfor weight loss and all HCG products sold over-the-counter are illegal.

According to FDA experts, using HCG to lose weight is very dangerous. There has no evidence to support that HCG contributes to the weight loss, and the actual source that make a person loses pounds is the very low calorie diet. Also, the brain function will also be affected if a person takes too little calories a day. Other possible side effects of the HCG products may include headaches, mood swings, blood clots, irritability, and some ladies may even face with the risk of having Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).