Hormone HCG (Human chorionic gandotrophin) is a hormone produced by placenta of a pregnant woman. This hormone can be found in the urine and can be extracted. The extracted HCG is usually used to treat certain medical conditions, for example infertility among women, growth disorders among young men, etc. Though not recommended, it is also used illegally for the purpose of weight loss as well as increasing performance of athletic.

HCG treatment for infertility problems is always given through HCG injection. There are two ways of administering the injection, either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. More often, HCG injection is given to the muscles at thigh or buttock. This injection can be given by doctor at a specified day of the fertility treatment cycle of a woman. Hormone HCG will increase the quantity of eggs produced by ovary each month, therefore increasing the chance for getting pregnant. Due to this fact, it is common for women treated with HCG to have multiple births.

HCG hormones are also produced naturally in small amount by pituitary gland in men. It is needed for a proper development of reproductive systems. HCG injection is also used in men for infertility treatment as it can boost the production of sperm.

HCG Shots for Weight Loss

Besides being use for infertility treatment among men and women, HCG injections are also given to people with obesity problem illegally as a way to promote weight loss. It is said that the hormone can help the body to burn stubborn fats while keeping the lean muscle mass. Obese patients are usually required to follow a very low calorie diet for a certain period while taking HCG injections. However, the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) have warned public of the dangers of the popular HCG diet plan as well as declaring all HCG diet products as illegal on December 6, 2011. The FDA experts claim that there is still lack of evidence in supporting the effectiveness of the HCG injections in weight loss.

There are various side effects associated with the HCG injection. Among the most common are the increase risk of cancer, increase chances of birth defects as well as pain and swelling in the arms and legs. Therefore people with history of cancer or tumors shall never take HCG injections. Expecting mothers should always avoid HCG injection too as it could harm the growing fetus.